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Tagalog Songs- KundimanKundiman is the term used to refer to the uber sweet Tagalog love songs. Kundiman songs are characterized with slow tempo, sweet Tagalog lyrics and the topic is about love. It is used to woo Filipinas in an event called harana. Usually, the crooner in a kundiman song is accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Some of the famous kundiman's sang since time immemorial are:

  • O Ilaw
  • Mutya ng Pasig
  • Anak Dalita
  • Pakiusap
  • Madaling Araw
  • Pahiwatig
  • Nasaan Ka Irog
  • Dahil Sa Iyo
  • and many more!

Kundiman songs are classic. Until now, there are being sung-- in their original version or as a revival. Many Filipino plays use kundiman in the songs that they sing. Kundiman songs are indeed the Filipino's treasure.

We will be featuring a lot of kundiman songs here at http://www.tagalogsongs.org. Use the search function to find them. Indulge and witness the how genius the Filipinos are in music writing.

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